Google Analytics

When you are ready to track your visitors and learn more about what is and isn’t working on your site, Google Analytics is your best (and FREE) source. Head on over to If you already have a Gmail account, you are ready to go. Simply login. [If not, create a Gmail account – you should really have one anyway] Google Analytics Login   If you’ve never used Google Analytics before, you will get this screen: Google Analytics Signup & Features Sign up and it will give you a form to enter the information for the first website you wish to track. Fill out this form and “Get Tracking ID”. It will redirect to a page that looks like this… Google Analytics Tracking Code


You must have either the OptimizePress theme or plugin on your WordPress site. Go to the OptimizePress -> Dashboard OptimizePress Dashboard   Paste the code you just copied into Analytics and Tracking -> Header Tracking & Analytics Codes OptimizePress Google Analytics Script Header   You are now all set up with Google Analytics. Contact me if you ran into any snags along the way. I plan to put up some more content on how to analyze Google Analytics to make better marketing decisions.

Bonus Tip!

Download the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Plugin: Google Analytics WordPress Dashboard Plugin You can then add a section to your Dashboard with your Analytics information. It’ll look something like this… Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin Traffic Over Time Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin Traffic Overview   Enjoy! Leave comments if you have any questions!