A couple weeks ago, I was *scouring* the web for more high quality webinars.. Who does that? Yeah, I do.. Anyways, I stumbled upon one with Noah Kagan from AppSumo, an Aweber guy and the Qualaroo man. I had been following Noah recently because of his amazing list building course, Email1k, and his free product SumoMe that I use heavily. I work with Aweber with some clients and I’ve heard good things about Qualaroo, so I was in! On the webinar some great nuggets were shared! It was a more relaxed webinar than the typical slides and “presenty” material. Jokes were made, and you could just tell they were having fun too. Hunter, the Aweber guy, offered a chance to win a ticket to their first conference if you shared your #1 takeaway on Twitter with the hashtag #ASCENDSummit2014. Here’s mine A few days later… I saw this! I was elated! *I don’t win free things very often* Then I realized… I’d still have to pay $400+ for flights and $200+ a night at the hotel. Well I had some saviors.. I posted on Facebook about my success and then sadness because I probably wouldn’t be able to go. A friend of mine was able to get me a buddy pass ticket for under $200! Then, I was able to stay with a mastermind group buddy just outside the city.

Conference Ticket = $0, Air Ticket = $160, Hotel = $0, Friends and Knowledge Acquired = Priceless!

Talk about travel hacking… I think I should make conference hacking a thing.

The Event – AscendSummit Review

Aweber did their homework, the event was well thought out, flawlessly executed and branded to perfection. I even got to meet Commander AJ, at a rooftop bar… And yes it was an open bar thanks to Wistia 🙂 CommanderAJ The speakers were all brilliant, relevant, useful, and unique. Seriously I don’t think I could pick a clear favorite. The MCs were hilarious and did their research. AscendSummitStage Most importantly Aweber LISTENED… I got my ticket online the day of with the code they gave me. When I filled out the registration, it asked me a bunch of questions. None too intrusive, but just to understand who I was. My first night there, I found my buddy Tim Paige at the LeadPages pre-party in a wine vault. He was chatting with Erik Harbringer, the CMO of Aweber. Erik heard my name and immediately knew more about me than normal.. Oh you’re from Alabama, I love your site, etc… At first that’s creepy, right? Then he said he was the guy that read the surveys.. I HAD FILLED OUT THE SURVEY MAYBE 6 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT! He even remembered my answer of “yes and no?” to a particular question. The entire event was fabulous, I learned a lot, networked a bunch, and most importantly I’ll go back next year.

Take a lesson from Aweber in using Webinars, Social Media, branding, live events, and customer care to create an amazing user experience and new loyal brand advocates.

What is the ROI of being nice?