The More You Know

Making Connections The Old-Fashioned Way Still Works

I have this business and a podcast and through these endeavors, I’ve made some of the best and world-opening connections. By talking, listening, engaging, and connecting with people I’ve grown tremendously this past year. Remember, at the end of the day we are all human. We all want to enjoy life, each other and the world around us.

Setup (Or Cleanup) Your Tags to be Successul

First things first. You can import contacts, start campaigns, sell products, etc., but... You can't completely harness the power of Infusionsoft without correctly using TAGS. There are two levels... Tags and Tag Categories. Think of Tags like cute little babies and...

Your First Infusionsoft Campaign

I see this time and time again.. Small Business Owners purchase Infusionsoft and immediately dive into the software thinking it will solve all of their business problems. I am even guilty of this! However, the first rule of starting with Infusionsoft is.. STAY OUT OF...

Getting Started with OptimizePress 2

A dive into OptimizePress from a LeadPages user and advocate. I go through the process of why I decided to try it out and my first impressions. OptimizePress is more customizable and robust than LeadPages, but LeadPages is definitely easier to use for a non-tech savvy user. However, OptimizePress only works in conjunction with WordPress and you should have a good handle on WordPress before you dive into testing it out. On the otherhand, LeadPages works for any website, can be is self-hosted and even put directly into a Facebook Tab.