Totally Tips Thursdays

Sept 15th, 2014
“When it comes to marketing and lead generation, it is very similar to dating. You have to court the lead and build a trusting relationship before trying to take things to the next level.”
Don’t scare away leads by asking too much from them in advance. An email (and name in my opinion) is all you need to get started building trust and rapport. Start warming and nurturing your leads by providing value upfront before asking for anything in return.

Totally Tips Thursdays


Free Infusionsoft Campaign – Two Step Web Form

Here is a great free campaign offered by Paul Sokol that will help you create a two-step web form for courting leads, and more importantly why to use a two-step process. Access your free campaign here

3 Steps to Growing Your Audience (Aweber Blog)

3 easy ways to grow your audience and get more responses
  1. The Tried-And-True Pop-Up
  2. A Welcome Email Message Remodel
  3. Success with Sending To Specific Groups
Learn more on the Aweber Blog

Lead Generation with Twitter

Using Twitter to grow your name and brand is one of my first recommendations to any new client. It is not as time consuming as many may think. Here’s how I used Twitter to grow my brand and bring in new leads and clients.

Landing Page Optimization

Things that drive conversions on Landing Pages:
  • Motivation
  • Perceived Value
  • Incentive to Take Action
  • Friction
  • Anxiety
Read More on how to create a high converting landing page.

Optimize Your Funnel with Killer Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. Here are two resources to help you in building your email list by optimizing your opt-in form and giving amazing value with style.

#1 – Tips to Optimize Your Opt-In Forms and Email Marketing Campaigns by Business 2 Community

#2 – 10 Rules for Designing Emails Your Customers Will Want to Read by Web Designer Depot

Some Selling Tips from the Content Marketing

When creating content being able to tell a story, keep your readers attention, and generate revenue is of the utmost importance.

Here is a great article by Copyblogger on how to create content that sells!