Totally Tips Thursdays – Email 4

“Social media marketing is about using social networks and tools to guide prospects through a series of steps–a funnel–to get them to take the actions you want (e.g., becoming a fan, sharing their email address or buying your products or services).”
As August comes to a close, take a step back.. look at your stats, revenue, and overall results. Set aside an hour or two to do this and make some goals for October. Hit reply or tell us in the TotallyInfused Facebook group and I’ll hold you to them!

Totally Tips Thursdays

from Molly Richardson (Founder of TotallyInfused)

How Top Conversion Experts Seduce You Into Giving Up Your Email

Conversions are key on Landing Pages. PopUps and Slide Ins are working, but it’s an art of balancing your Call To Action, your branding and it’s positioning. Check out this masterpiece! Bryan’s image hovers over the sidebar giving it focus, his finger is subtly pointing to the email capture, and they have a similar image and email capture in a  pop up.     Here are some other awesome examples

How to Build A Funnel Around Your Social Media

3 easy steps to build, track and test your marketing and sales funnel to give you and/or your company the big results you want.
  1. Define and Implement Channels and Jobs
  2. Assign and Measure Key Metrics
  3. Test and Tweak, Then Test Again
Learn more about each step on Social Media Examiner  

What is a CRM and How Can It Help Your Business

“A good CRM database ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and you don’t look like a dope.”
Gene Marks’ 5 Favorite CRMs: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics – CRM, Highrise and ZohoCRM

My Journey – What $45.23 Means to Me

I recently blogged about my journey over the past 8 months in building my business and transitioning from full-time engineer to entrepreneur.
Read all about my journey and get inspired!  

How I got 10x Website Visitors from One Blog Post!

I wrote the above article and shared it on Social Media – In the two days after, my visitor count increased 10x my normal visitor count.
Sharing your story, knowing your audience and promoting your blog articles to that audience are key elements in your article’s virality.
Also, the headline helps, “$45.23 – The Amount That Changed My Life Forever” (You know you are tempted to click that link above and read it!).