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How to Get a Steady Stream of New Patients Online

  • Find out what I learned over years of helping health professionals grow their practices
  • Learn the 5 common mistakes practitioners make when bringing in new patients
  • Finally understand a predictable way to move from new lead to ideal patient

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Meet Your Expert

Molly Richardson

Molly is a health & wellness digital marketing expert who has been crafting end-to-end digital marketing strategies for health & wellness practitioners for 6+ years. Just a few of her clients have included Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Jay Davidson, Marcelle Pick and YourFibroDoctor. 

Molly loves helping health practitioners create marketing systems so they can spend more time doing what they love—helping people heal. She believes that when a wellness practice is optimized, it can not only reach and help more people, but the owner can experience more freedom and flexibility in their own life.

Stop missing out on your potential
dream patients!

Learn how to set up an airtight system for finding the right leads and converting them into the best patients.

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