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ChiroCEO needed to increase engagement and retention in their membership program.

To do this, they needed a new streamlined membership website that provided their clients with video trainings, digital downloads and conference call recordings. The site also needed to integrate with a CRM to keep clients engaged and on track with their assignments.

Additionally, they needed help organizing existing content and creating new content for the program itself.


We built a fully functional membership site using Memberium that is integrated with InfusionSoft.

The new membership site and InfusionSoft work together to track each individual's progress through the content. The site integrates with Intercom to allow for quick customer support and is designed to be as easily navigable as possible so members can quickly find what they're looking for.

We worked with the subject matter experts to organize the existing program content in a flow that makes sense to the members, create new visual assets to supplement video trainings, copyedit written trainings and provide recommendations as to new training modules.

To tie everything together, we created an email introduction sequence to familiarize members with the new website. Then we created an ongoing email sequence that reminds members of upcoming assignments, conference calls and solicits feedback.

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